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  April 19, 2015
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Rendezvous with ĎMiss Universe Pageant -2014í semi-finalist Noyonita Lodh

By Ritika Gupta

SOM: How does it feel like to represent India at an International level?

Noyonita: Itís a great feeling, but competing in the ĎMiss Universeí was a great responsibility as India hadnít won it for a really long time and also because itís the most coveted beauty title in the Universe! But I learnt a lot of things at the life-changing event and thatís what Iím most happy about.

SOM: What did you enjoy about the experience the most?

Noyonita: I enjoyed living and competing with girls from 88 other countries. It was a mix of cultures and we developed a great rapport. Everybody out there absolutely adores India. Whether itís the food, clothes, music or Bollywood, they love all of it! Overall, it was an extremely enriching experience.

SOM: What was the most difficult thing you had to face during the pageant?

Noyonita: Surprisingly, the only hitch I faced was carrying 20 suitcases from the Mumbai Airport to Miami via New York, as I had never travelled alone before that. But then again, the staff at all the airports were very accommodating.

SOM: Tell us more about your time in Miami.

Noyonita: At the 21-day pageant, we were made to do a million different things. We would literally have 22-hour-long days and would catch up on sleep while getting made up or while in the bus!

SOM: You were among the Top 5 finalists for the Best National Costume...

Noyonita: My entire wardrobe was designed by Rocky S and he did a great job at the national costume, which turned out to be really heavy. It contained a headgear which was connected to a backpack and attached to other accessories; it was like a puzzle!

SOM: You got an opportunity to be mentored under the former ĎMiss Universeí herself, Lara Dutta...

Noyonita: Yes, and Lara is an amazing person. Incidentally, we are alumnae of the same school (The Frank Anthony Public School) and are both Bengalureans. So we got along well and Iím glad that I was groomed by her. Sheís the best idol that a girl can have!

SOM: They say that two girls can never be best friends. Having competed on a global platform with 88 girls, whatís your take on this?

Noyonita: Of course, girls can be best friends! Iíve made some great ones at both the recent pageants. In fact, a few of them cried tears of joy when I won the title of ĎMiss Diva Universe.í

SOM: You started modelling at the age of 16. What got you started at such a young age?

Noyonita: Ever since I was a kid, Iíve loved posing for the camera and dressing up. I happened to win Bangalore Times Fresh Face at 16, which gave me a boost; modelling came very naturally to me.

SOM: Is Bollywood your next calling?

Noyonita: Yes, Iím moving to Mumbai next month to take acting classes and Iím really excited about it.

SOM: If thereís anything that youíd want to do for the society, what cause would you take up?

Noyonita: Women empowerment is what I really feel for. And the right way to make a difference would be to start early and educate the girl child.

SOM: Tell us about your connection with Mysuru...

Noyonita: I must thank Jayanthi Ballal because of whom I got associated with Mysuru. And Iím so glad it happened because I love to unwind here often, itís a beautiful city.

SOM: You were also the face of Mysore Fashion Week...

Noyonita: Oh yes, we had just completed the shoot and I received a confirmation call from Mumbai for ĎMiss Diva Universe.í Hence, I could not stay back for the Fashion Week. Jayanthi is a close friend and a great designer; it was wonderful working with her.

SOM: Whatís your message to aspiring models?

Noyonita: Modelling is a challenging profession but perseverance is the key. And a positive outlook is vital. Iíve seen girls who have succumbed to the pressure and the shortcomings of this industry, but being steadfastly positive is what has made me cling on for so long and how!

SOM: Your message to Mysureans?

Noyonita: I just want to tell them that they are fortunate because itís a great city to live in. I would encourage the girls here to participate in beauty pageants. Who knows? The next Miss Universe could be a Mysurean.


*Whatís your favourite food?

I love desserts! Especially, Gulab Jamun. No, in fact, I canít pick one.

*Your favourite colour?

Black and purple.

*What did you do with your first pay cheque?

I handed it over to my mom, who had tears when I did that!

*Whatís your dream job? Or are you there already?

This is a dream come true as well, but my dream job would be hosting a travel show.

*What are your hobbies?

I enjoy reading, travelling and belly dancing.

*Whatís beauty to you?

Beauty is a very subjective trait because it means different things to different people. But for me, itís about how confident and comfortable you are in your own skin, more than anything else!

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