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  July 2, 2015
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Eight-member experts from Dam Safety Review Panel inspect sluice gates; Cauvery Neeravari Nigam had sent a proposal to World Bank seeking funds to replace 136 sluice gates out of 173

Mysuru, July 2- An eight-member team from the Dam Safety Review Panel, a part of the Central Water Commission, New Delhi, arri-ved at KRS Reservoir this mo-rning to inspect the safety and operational performance of sluice gates of the dam near Sri-rangapatna in Mandya district.

The team, which landed in Mandya yesterday, stayed overnight at the Inspection Bungalow there and arrived at the KRS reservoir at 10.45 am today. The Central team was received by KRS Executive Engineer Basavarajegowda and other officials, who took them around the reservoir before the team began their inspection.

Why the inspection?

The eight-member team is undertaking inspection follow-ing the submission of a Rs. 40 crore proposal by the Cauvery Neeravari Nigam Ltd. (CNNL) to improve the safety of th...more

     Special Coverage   
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   Tourism Plaza: DC instructs officials to expedite works
   Aggrieved minorities in State to meet CM on July 6
   Corruption at Lokayukta Office: FIR filed against Ashwin Rao and others hours before HC stayed probe by SP Sonia Narang
   MP Pratap Simha proposes Spices Park in Kodagu
   Education is key to success of middleclass: SP Abhinav Khare
   ‘Missing’ Buddha idol traced
   Post Offices in city celebrate Digital India Week through various initiatives


Yamini’s gift on International Yoga Day

Following United Nations (UN) declaring June 21 of every year, beginning from this year, as the International Day of Yoga, there has been a plethora of publications on Yoga almost all over the world in different languages.

We find most of those books, richly produced on art-paper with any number of Yoga postures by sexy looking females along with men, looking like coffee-table books. This is not to belittle their purpose and quality. Some of the books are indeed excellently produced with inputs sourced from experience and research on the subject of Yoga.

One such book landed on my table by courier last evening and being such a beautiful book, I couldn’t wait for another day to browse through it. The cover of the book is produced above.

There is also another reason why I decided to write immediately about the book. Its creator, Yamini Muthanna, is a Mysuru girl, a highly talented daughter of my classmate in Madikeri, Kodagu, who mastered the art of Bharathanatyam, for whose arangetram in Mysuru, I had the opportunity to attend. That was decades ago. Being a distinguished Bharathanatyam danseuse, Yamini apparently is using her Yoga skills to enhance the beauty of her dance adding grace to this classical art form.

Yamini, who studied Ashtanga Yoga in Mysuru under the renowned Yoga Master B.N.S. Iyengar, later shifted to Bengaluru establishing a Yoga School called simply as ‘Yoga Sthala.’ Soon people from all walks of life — from professionals to students — began to make a bee-line to Yoga Sthala. From then on, there was no stopping her from spreading her wings and soaring high in the art and craft of Yoga. She has conducted workshops at Yoga-studios in London, New York, Washington DC and Los Angeles. She gives Yoga demonstrations with different postures interpreting the Yoga Sutras. A Baba Ramdev in female Avatar !

Yamini strongly believes that if every individual practices Yoga daily, maki...more

     Feature Article  

By N.K.A. Ballal, Retd. Sr. Vice-President, ITDC

One must have heard a story of a mighty elephant and the ant and how the small ant taught the elephant a lesson that however small, even an ant can sometimes trouble the mighty elephant. When I see and read every day the story of the mighty Nestle fighting now on all fronts to save their reputation, I am reminded of the above story. Their cup of woe now has spread to other parts of the world too.

The other day I read a news item that even the US has instructed their fda to check the lead content of Maggi. How did the company let this fiasco happen? Normally, all these mnCs are very careful and nip the problems in the beginning stage itself but I have a feeling that they took this issue rather lightly and did not give any importance to the first report filed by a Food Scientist at UP or ‘Ulta Pradesh’ as it is called, where everything can be fixed at a cost. Fortunately for public, this damning report prepared by an honest and daring officer was picked up by an electronic media and then it spread like a wildfire all over. Too big a fire even for a company like Nestle to douse.

Even the company press conference was a dampner. The Chairman claimed that the company had done over a 1000 tests of the products but they could not produce a single test of an independent lab of their products. Was it a problem with that particular batch? Or malfunctioning of any process in that particular factory? Only a thorough investigation would come out with the truth.

It is also a fact that the company is lax when it comes to testing because the money they spend on testing is so meagre compared to the marketing expenses. When a responsible multinational like Nestle can be so lax, what can we expect from other small-time companies, who have only profit as their motive? A chalta hai attitude.

Anybody taking any government servant lightly always has to pay a price. By now Nestle must have le...more

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