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  July 29, 2014
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Sir Khazi of Mysore Hazrat Moulana Mohammed Usman Sharief (inset)is seen leading the Eid prayers at Eidgah Maidan in city today.

Mysore, July 29 - The members of Muslim community celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr today with devout fervour, praying for peace in Palestine, Iraq, Syria, India and elsewhere in the world.

Mass prayers were held at all the Masjids of the city and across the district with the largest gathering being around 40,000 at the Eidgah Maidan in Tilaknagar in city.

Sir Khazi of Mysore Hazrat Moulana Mohammed Usman Sharief led the Eid prayers at the Maidan and delivered a sermon. In his customary sermon, the Khazi exhorted the Muslims to follow the taqwa (God-consciousness) in their lives.

We have fasted for 30 days during the holy month of Ramzan to comply with the command of Almighty Allah. Let us also lead a pious life in the remaining 11 months of the year, the Sir Khazi said.

The Sir Khazi also called upon the Muslims to practice the ...more

     Special Coverage   
   Spice jet ...to end its city services from Sept. 1
   P.M. Ganapathy is new President of Golf Club
   Student-Police-Cadet Project launch in August
   HIEMA presents Laptop to IIT-JEE topper in city
   Cops hear grievances of SC, ST residents in city
   Top cop seeks eviction of illegal shops around Palace
   City techie goes missing during trekking near Sakleshpur
   U-turn mishap: Car passengers injured
   Another 200-bed hospital to come up at Cheluvamba Hospital premises


Ramakrishna Temple, Belur Math

Swami Mahamedhananda

[Continued from yesterday]

The opportunity for this visit came fortuitously by way of an invite to a family wedding in Kolkata. I always wanted to visit Belur Math but could not make it. Earlier, once I was in Kolkata for two nights with no time for such a visit. I remember a post-card written to me by Swami Jagadathmanandaji of Badukalu Kaliyiri (zP Pj) book-fame from Belur Math. I knew the Swamiji when he was here in Mysore. In his post-card written in Kannada, he had invited me to Belur Math, a place sanctified by the footprints of Swami Vivekananda [ PAzg zUAz vz ɮz qAiĮ ]. This letter had left an indelible imprint on my mind and the Belur Math began to beckon me ever since. And I made it on 17th and 18th of July 2014.

I must admit, however, that this visit to Belur Math in Kolkata would not have been as fulfilling as it was but for the helpful briefing I received from Swami Mukthidanandaji of Ramakrishna Ashram, Mysore, who is also a Trustee of Ramakrishna Mission, Kolkata. He also gave me a contact that is ultimate for any Kannadiga visitor to Belur Math Sri Vinay Chandra Maharaj, aka Swami Mahamedhananda. Both names are certainly eponymous for he is the cornucopia of Vinay (humility) and as cool as Chandra (moon). He is a BA (Journalism), MA in English and Ph.D from Mysore University. Indeed a Mahamedha (super intellect). A Mysore boy, no matter hailed from Bangalore.

A sneak peek into his student life that transformed him into a sanyasin (monk), gleaned from hearsay, though sketchy, may be pardoned if perceived not proper. Fearing indiscretion, out of modesty, I had refrained from subjecting him to an inquisition despite my cat-like curiosity and instead decided to source information from my local contacts. He was the only son from a rich family come to Mysore with his mother who now lives in Kashi for religious ...more

     Feature Article  

T.J.S. George

In this season of rape...ugh, what a miserable way to start a column ! If only we could say instead: "In this land of milk and honey, where the sun shines equally on all and the birds..." But that would be false. In our country the sun shineth the way rain raineth. The rain it raineth on the just /And also on the unjust fella/ But chiefly on the just, because /The unjust have the just's umbrella. Brutality hits both men and women, but chiefly women because men have the backing of both law and custom.

Besides, we are past the order of seasons. Wet or dry, hot or cold, it's always the right season for rape. For we practise rape not just as it is understood in dictionaries sexual attack on a woman without her consent. For us rape is an assertion of power, a tarzan-call of male ego. It is sadism above and beyond what Count de Sade envisaged in his theories on the pleasures of cruelty. It is integral to the centuries of feudalism and casteism that we have revered.

In the December 2012 gang rape in a Delhi bus, for example, the girl was not just sexually used for the pleasure of the rapists. After the rape, she was penetrated with rods, beaten up and lacerated; the youngest of the rapists later protected under juvenile law tried to dig out her intestines with his hands. In the Badaun (UP) case, the two teenagers who were raped, while still alive, were hung on a tree where they suffocated to death. Rape in India is not just suppressed sex finding an outlet. Nor is it, as in some developed countries, a sideshow of the liberated lifestyle. It is suppressed anger and presumed social superiority that express themselves through barbarity. The Police initially made light of the Badaun rape because the culprits were higher in the caste scale than the victims.

Insensitivity and partiality at the Police level are in fact a bigger shame than the rapes themselves. The hitherto lovable city of Bangalore was rocked the other day when a girl...more

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