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  January 15, 2017
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Caption: Usha is seen explaining the chain-snatching incident to the Police in front of her house at Tilak Nagar this morning.

Mysuru, Jan. 15- In a pre-dawn strike today, a gold chain of a woman was snatched when she was cleaning the front portion of her house to put rangoli. The incident occurred between 4.50 am and 5.05 am at Tilak Nagar and the victim has been identified as 65-year-old Usha. While fleeing from the spot, the chain-snatcher’s helmet fell off his head.

Usha lives with her husband, son Harish and daughter-in-law on Srinivasa Temple Road, Tilak Nagar. According to her, every day she woke up at 4 am and cleaned the front of the house before putting rangoli. She said that as she was sweeping with a broom this morning, a youth came in a black bike and asked her the address of JSS Hospital. “I told him that there is no such hospital in the vicinity and resumed cleaning,” she told the Police.

The youth...more

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Caption: American President Barack Obama at farewell speech

It is normal for a person to seek power and wealth. If wealth comes first, then his next quest is for power. If power comes first, pelf follows naturally. I ruminate on this subject of power and pelf after listening to the American President Barack Obama’s farewell speech as the President of America, for the last eight years, here this morning on TV because of the sharp contrast I see between Barack Obama and his successor President-Elect Donald Trump who will take charge on 20th of this month.

Barack Obama came from a lower middle class family with the disadvantage of being a mulatto, biracial — father Black and mother White and made it to the highest office of the President of America, world’s most powerful country with the audacity of hope. (‘Audacity of Hope’ is the title of the book he wrote while entering the primaries in 2004). In contrast, we have a red neck of a White President Donald Trump who is stinkingly rich born with a silver spoon and arrogance of power and pelf, a deadly combination. For Trump, humility is anathema and in contrast Obama is a great humanist, never a jingoist like his predecessors and above all an orator par excellence that America had rarely seen.

Fareed Zakaria, Indian-American journalist whom we see regularly on CNN International TV had once described Nelson Mandela in these words: “Mandela’s greatest acts are that there is no retribution, there is genuine forgiveness and leaving the highest office voluntarily like George Washington of America.”

Well, the same could be said of Barack Obama in a slightly different way adding that Barack Obama is America’s Nelson Mandela. Like Mandela, Obama too had a good head and a good heart, a formidable combination for a good trusted leader. To recall, Nelson Mandela once said in jest, apparently referring to himself, th...more

     Feature Article  

Says P.G.R. Sindhia, State Chief Commissioner, Bharat Scouts and Guides

The seven-day 17th National Jamboree of Bharat Scouts and Guides with the theme ‘Together for Better Tomorrow’ was held at Adakanahalli near Nanjangud from Dec. 29, 2016 to Jan 4, 2017. There were many who worked tirelessly for the success of the mega event and it showed when a day after the valedictory function, a few of the elders came and congratulated P.G.R. Sindhia, the State Chief Commissioner, at the Jayachamarajendra Scouts and Guides Bhavan, in Mysuru. There was one aged lady who said, “Very great Sir, no other State has done this. In future you must become the Chief National Commissioner.” The hearts of the people around Sindhia swelled with pride.

Senior journalist N. Niranjan Nikam caught up with Sindhia, the man behind the show, who finally managed to spare time after being totally caught up in the organisation of this mammoth exercise involving 25,000 children for more than a week. He spoke at length about his involvement with the Scouts and Guides, his own life, the challenges of organising an event of this magnitude, the contributions of the Wadiyars, the cooperation he got from the State Government and the local team, and the fact that the Jamboree was almost incident-free, in this free-wheeling and candid interview to Star of Mysore.—Ed

“I have failed in spite of holding a successful Jamboree because Karnataka could not get a place. It was Rajasthan which got the first place and Uttar Pradesh the second place. I do not have proper bandset, good costumes, no support for training the teachers. Our teachers should go abroad like other States that send their teachers to foreign countries...”

By N. Niranjan Nikam

Star of Mysore (SOM): he seven-day 17th National Jamboree of Scouts and Guides is a stupendo...more

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