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  January 18, 2017
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Finds... old equipment in new rooms; one gynaecologist for 2.50 lakh beneficiaries; short of 92 employees

Caption Mysuru-Kodagu MP Pratap Simha is seen inspecting a medical equipment at the new ESI Hospital on KRS Road during his inspection this morning. ESI Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr. Ramesh Jewoor and other officials are seen. Picture right shows the newly-constructed hospital building.

Mysuru, Jan. 18 - Mysuru-Kodagu Member of Parliament Pratap Simha has expressed his displeasure over the newly-constructed ESI Hospital on KRS Road. He visited the hospital this morning after receiving a series of complaints over inordinate delay in opening of the new hospital.

Speaking to reporters after his visit, Pratap Simha said that he was disappointed with hospital authorities for they had not even constructed the basic facility of ramps inside the hospital where patients are brought on wheel-chairs or have to be carried in stretchers.

The MP rued that in spi...more

     Special Coverage   
   MCC launches door-to-door survey to recover property tax
   VIJAYASHREEPURA LAND ROW: State to wait for Court ruling
   KURUBARAHALLI SURVEY No. 4 & ALANAHALLI SURVEY No. 41 STANDOFF: CM asks officials to expedite process to resolve issue
   Rs. 500 crore scams in Universities including UoM, says Minister
   Countdown begins for Tipu armoury shifting
   APMC: Congress supported candidates emerge victorious in CM’s district
   Govt. College guest lecturers march for fair deal
   Mysurean for Pastry World Cup at France
   Bahuroopi International Multilingual Theatre Festival: ‘Chandragiriya Theeradalli’ an eye-opener on harassment of women


Caption: A scene from the play ‘Mejnun - Madman in Love’

If you treat an individual as he is, he will remain how he is. But if you treat him as if he were what he ought to be and could be, he will become what he ought to be and could be.”

— Johann von Goethe

Since I could not wait for more than one-and-half-hours for the inaugural day show of the play ‘Chitralekhe’ (Kannada) at the Bhoomigeeta mini-theatre at Rangayana’s Bahuroopi International Theatre Festival, I abandoned the challenge and bought the tickets the same evening for an english play with an aspirational title ‘Mejnun - Madman in Love’ for yesterday. The usual spelling we are familiar with about this story of star-crossed lovers in Persian (or was it in Arabic?) is ‘Laila and Majnu.’

The original play is in Uzbek, it being from Uzbekistan, a country bordering Russia, earlier part of Soviet Union. It is 96% Sunni Islam but good people with liberal approach and practice of their religion, full of tolerance to non-Muslims and minority Shia Muslims. No wonder its Constitution provides for freedom of religion.

By the way, interestingly, the word ‘Majnu’ means mad man, probably for that reason an eponymous title is given to the play. The real name of the boy is Qays ibn al-Mulawwah.

This is a one-man show with the message of Universal Love and Tolerance among mankind regardless of race, gender or religion. A noble effort with a sublime message no doubt; but like all one-man shows or even pantomimes, it becomes boring and ennui descends on you. Mercifully, it lasted just about an hour.

As I left the theatre, a thought was troubling me, the thought that despite this kind of effort to propagate peace, understanding, tolerance, brotherhood and love among mankind cutting across race and religion, why the evil of hatred persists and the good of love does not prevail?

It is said that man is always anxious, fretful when evil befalls him and grudging when good befalls him. He...more

     Feature Article  

By Maneka Gandhi

Maneka, in this week’s Pet Talk, gives tips on how to treat a dog with sprained leg, what should be done if a dog has poor dental health and his/her gums are bleeding; What are the symptoms of rabies in a feral cat and what does it mean if a cat’s ears are cold?

How do we care for a dog with sprained leg?

Reduce inflammation with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications; use a heating pad or ice pack. Veterinarians may suggest massaging the leg gently on a regular basis. Some dogs also need additional support with a lace brace, which holds the joint in place during the recovery process. An important part of recovery for a dog with a sprained leg is getting adequate rest. If the dog is active and hyper, try to calm it down and keep it sedentary. Since injured dogs still need some exercise, start with water based physical therapy, or very slow and gentle walks, and be careful about the type of ground the dog walks on when it has a leg injury.

How to splint a broken toe on a dog’s paw?

Splinting a dog’s broken toe requires applying a dressing and padding to the surface of the injured area, placing a splint over the area to be protected, then applying more layers of bandage material. The metal, wood or plastic splint can be curved or straight. Splints provide protection and support to an injured area while preventing movement of the injured part. A splint also helps protect the underlying tissues from self-trauma, such as licking, which delays healing and may promote infection. Fractures of the toe bones are usually the result of an accident or a bite wound, and often produce a severe lameness in the affected limb and swelling of the toe. There are four toes on a dog’s foot, and fractures in the middle two toes are more likely to lead to lameness. Once the splint is applied, the dog’s activity needs to be limited for several weeks. The splint needs to be redressed or changed, approximately every two w...more

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