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  April 26, 2015
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Dr. M.A. Saleem transferred as Additional Police Commissioner (Traffic), Bengaluru

Mysuru, Apr. 26- The State Government, in a surprise move, has replaced Dr. M.A. Saleem with B. Dayanand, Additional Police Commissioner (Traffic), Bengaluru, as the new Mysuru City Police Commissioner.

It is reported that the Government had two officers in mind to be posted as Mysuru City Police Commissioner, one was Dayanand, who was serving as the Additional Police Commissioner (Traffic), Bengaluru, and Sharath Chandra, IGP (Admin) at Police HQ, Bengaluru.

In a sudden move, the State Government last evening posted Dayanand as the new Police Commissioner of Mysuru.

Meanwhile, Dr. Saleem has been transferred as Additional Police Commissioner (Traffic), Bengaluru.

The new Commissioner Dayanand, popular as a non-political and neutral officer, is also known to be very dynamic in his approach towards Policing.

Speaking to SOM, Dayanand said he was looking forward to his ti...more

     Special Coverage   
   Engineering student’s murder: Absconding juvenile held in Bengaluru
   Procession marks Weavers’ Meet
   Veerashaiva Sajjana Sangha hosts indoor games
   Nepal Earthquake: 18 city tourists reported safe, 35 from Mandya remain unreachable
   Fobics Food and Bio-technology consultancy services launched
   Drinking water woes figure prominently at TP review meeting
   National Workshop on Geotechnics held at NIE
   Rangayana Director calls for harmonious co-existence
   ‘Special’ Graduates of AIISH Pre-School


[Continued from Tuesday, 14th April, 2015]

In my college days in Bangalore, I had a Reddy friend from Ananthapur, who was a quick wit and naturally a great flirt. He was not handsome. Though with a swarthy face, he had the gift of the gab and girls would hang around him. I have, however, not seen any girl swoon in his presence. Being rich, he was bit of a bombast, if not a snob. He boasted of his latest conquest but we asked him to show us his new acquisition at the Jewel Box, Koshy’s, Bengaluru. While we were not sure, for sure he brought her to Jewel Box. I and my (boy) friend joined them. At one point of our being there, the conversation between them went this way:

Reddy: (Looking at us) Folks you don’t know how much I love her (guffaw).

Girl: (Going pink in the face). Don’t be silly. How much?

Reddy (turning to her): As much as Emperor Shah Jahan loved his Mumtaz Mahal.

My friend was quick with a repartee: “Then you must build her a Taj Mahal.”

Being poor in history, the girl merely said, “How wonderful it would be to live in Taj Mahal.”

The conversation then veered to other frivolous subjects none wanting to make her a ghost so soon after the marriage — in case she married him.

That’s the everlasting interest in Taj Mahal even to those who have not seen it or read about it but merely heard of it as a marble building dedicated to love. Variously described for its beauty, Taj Mahal is among the seven wonders of the world. Built in pristine marble mined from famous Makrana in Rajasthan, it is also described as “poetry in marble.” It was designed and constructed by a Persian (Turkey) architect named Ustad Isa. It was his creative genius that gave us this great architecture, Shah Jahan merely spent money to build it.

In our Royal Rajasthan on Wheels (RROW) group, most of us had seen Taj Mahal before. For me, it was the third visit. Yet, the interest in this monument persists. Thousands visit, revisit daily, including hon...more

     Feature Article  

Caption: Picture left shows the Smart Dustbin that uses Infra Red Sensors and GPS/GMS system to alert authorities about the garbage accumulated in the dustbin. Picture right shows S. Shashank (extreme right) and Nayan Kumar (extreme left) who are credited with the design of the smart dustbin with a friend.

Traffic signals that are Ambulance-friendly, Robotic arms that assist in assembly jobs, automated home appliances, solar powered mobile chargers, smart dustbins and many more. These are the gadgets from the future that were assembled, designed and engineered by the students of Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering of the National Institute of Engineering (NIE), for their ‘Smart Innovation Exhibition’ held recently at the NIE Diamond Jubilee Sports Complex in city. SOM gets a sneak peek into the future, where machines are able to understand the needs of the humans.

By Kedar Koushik

Imagine a future where machines are conscious of their surroundings, a future that is not only automated but smart, where man and machine co-exist to create a safer and responsible society. This might sound like the contents of a science-fiction novel or a movie, but a casual stroll at the ‘Smart Innovation Exhibition,’ held recently at the NIE Diamond Jubilee Sports Complex would have made one understand that the seeds for a smarter future are being sown right here in the city by the students of Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, NIE.

Using micro-controllers, sensors, open-source software and a heart full of passion, these engineering students had displayed models that came right out of the future. The exhibition had around 25 to 30 models on display that were segregated into sections like Home, Defence, Social and Agro. The exhibition not only showcased innovative ideas for the future, but also illustrated how technology could be used to make the society, cleaner, safer and friendlier.

Tech that ca...more

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