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  August 28, 2014
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First leg of tourney to kick-off from Gangotri Glades at 5 pm

Caption: Technicians are seen fixing the stump camera and stump mikes on the wicket at Gangotri Glades ahead of KPL which begins this evening.

Mysore, Aug. 28 - Karbonn Smart Karnataka Premier League (KPL) organised by Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) is all set to take off from Gangotri Glades in Mysore this evening. KSCA has dedicated the tournament to its former President and scion of the Mysore Royal family late Srikanta Datta Narasimharaja Wadiyar.

Mysore will play host to the first leg of the newly-revived tournament from Aug. 28 to Sept. 3 after which the tournament will shift its venue to Bangalore and culminate at Hubli where the semi-finals and finals will be played.

This year, seven teams namely — Mysore Warriors, Mangalore United, Belagavi Panthers, Bijapur Bulls, Hubli Tigers, Bellary Tuskers and Rockstars —will compete with each other for the coveted trophy. T...more

     Special Coverage   
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   Woman in search of a girl for son robbed at knife-point
   3 held for cheating businessman with a wealth-doubling ‘magic pot’
   A high society betrothal that turned into “betrayal”
   Mysore Fashion Week from Sept. 5
   BJP activist among two killed in separate mishaps
   Cheluvamba Hospital doctor’s suspension revoked
   Disgruntled colleague sets friends’ room on fire
     Feature Article  

Intro:India is a huge market with a billion people and there is always a market for any product if sold well. Our penchant for hero worship and herd mentality is very well-known and the marketing gurus will definitely take advantage of this

to sell their products to the gullible.

[Continued from Aug. 21]

A research was conducted to find out whether people believed that the stars, who endorse multiple brands use the same products or not. Public know in their heart of hearts that the stars, except a few products, do not use the very products they promote. You don’t expect Kareena to use Lux, do you? SRK endorses the a-10 car, a hatch-back. Does anyone expect him to have hatch-back? Our own Salman Khan endorses Paragon hawaii chappals. Does one expect him to use these? No way. But still when one thinks of these products, the celebrity face instantly comes to your mind and vice versa and that is what the advertisers want.

But the most important thing in this is that the shelf life of the celebrity himself is limited, like the products he or she is selling. Now that Sachin has retired, or the Khan brothers popularity is slowly being taken over by the young brigade, their endorsements would also dip, the only exception has been the phenomena called Amitabh Bachchan. Like an old wine, his popularity has been on the increase, as he grew older. Seventy-years- old, he single-handedly sells anything from hair oil to talcum powder and the public lap it up. He has been hosting “kbc”, which has made him a household name.

The latest fad has been the ‘States’ which have jumped in the fray to appoint brand ambassadors. These ambassadors are then asked to appear in all the programmes related to tourism and also in short films, depicting the various tourist spots in that particular State. Very successful experiment. Gujarat did this with Amitabh Bachchan and the short films shown in the domestic TV channels have been a huge success, increas...more

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