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  May 24, 2016
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Caption: 1) Siddharamaiah 2) V. Sreenivasa Prasad 3) K.R. Mohan Kumar 4) M.K. Somashekar 5) C. Shikha

Bengaluru, May 24- In a very significant meeting held by Chief Minister Siddharamaiah at his home office Krishna yesterday afternoon, the long-standing controversial issues pertaining to Mysuru city were discussed and resolution found. The issues were illegal construction of houses in Vijayashripura on Hunsur road near Premier Studio (The Green Hotel), the drinking water project at Haleunduvadi Water Reservoir and the controversy surrounding Kurubarahalli Survey No. 4 since the past four years.

The meeting was attended by District Minister V. Sreenivasa Prasad, Urban Development Minister Vinay Kumar Sorake, MUDA Chairman K.R. Mohan Kumar, MLA M.K. Somashekar of K.R. Constituency to which Siddharthanagar, K.C. Layout, J.C. Layout and IT Layout belong, Chamaraja MLA Vasu, Chamundeshwari MLA G.T. Devegowda, Revenue Department Principal Secretary Basavaraj, DC C. Shikha,...more

     Special Coverage   
   Kurubarahalli Survey No. 4: CM instructs officials to issue land-related documents to property owners of Siddarthanagar, K.C. Layout, J.C. Layout & In...
   DC-headed committee to be empowered to purchase land less than 100 acres
   South Graduates Constituency Poll: Scrutiny of nomination papers held at RC Office
   Govt. Employees to stage State-wide protest on June 2
   Chain-snatchers strike at Tilaknagar
   Save Chamundi Hill: Citizens resort to novel protests
   Yummy ‘Nerale Hannu’ is back
   Tech-Storm: Natl-level Project contest and exhibition held
   Bharathiya Jain Milan, Zone-8, Mysuru Division team sworn-in


Congress sphinx Sonia smiles!

I have been watching the theatre of the absurd on English National TV channels and also national newspapers, particularly one from Chennai which seems to have sold its soul to Leftists and surely to Congress. Just a sample: On Friday May 6, 2016 the Congress held a “Save Democracy” march in “Lutyens’ Delhi,” as media are maniacally calling Delhi which in truth has been Nehru-Gandhis’ Delhi. Let it be. To come to the point that I want to make about how tendentious a major section of the media is in reporting in order to protect the Gandhi family, here is an example:

“Lalit Desai, General Secretary at Congress’ Gujarat Unit, walked with a group of a dozen workers, holding the party flag. He said he came to Delhi to attend the rally because he felt that ‘The BJP Government’ was unnecessarily harassing the Gandhi family.”

Harassing? Well, I guess helping. If at all, it is Dr. Subramanian Swamy who is harassing Gandhi family.

Now, the point to ponder is how relevant and important the report on Lalit Desai is except to make a sympathetic statement in favour of Gandhis. And if the march is for saving democracy, then they must carry our National Flag, not Party Flag, which may be understandable if the march was to ‘Save Gandhi family.’

I say this after reading the political chapters of Tavleen Singh’s book ‘India’s Broken Tryst.’ Of course, much of what is in the book has come from what was already published in the newspapers over the years, hence a recall for regular newspaper reader interested in politics.

She writes about BJP’s Atal Behari Vajpayee becoming the Prime Minister “for the third time in three years at the end of 1999.” Talveen Singh writes what many BJP leaders and sympathisers, that includes yours truly too, were thinking about this poet-Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, who had Brajesh Mishra, whom many political observers considered as the Trojan horse of Congress inside BJP fort, as his Pr...more

     Feature Article  

By T.J.S. George

It's amazing how politicians interpret every election in their favour — irrespective of whether they win or lose. In this five-State election (a mini general election), the primary loser is the Congress. But what do its leaders say? The gist is: "We will review the situation and come back with renewed vigour." Not a word about its inability to present a new face in Assam in place of the tired old face of Tarun Gogoi or the irrelevance it has achieved in Bengal, or its virtual non-existence in Tamil Nadu, or the way the entrenched Congress coalition in Kerala destroyed itself through corruption and the make-believe politics of Oommen Chandy.

The other parties, even as they taste bits and pieces of victory, are no different. The BJP can justifiably claim to have taken a step or two forward, but not enough to justify bravado (the Party President boasted that it was close to achieving its ultimate objective of a Congress-mukt Bharat), or to ignore harsh realities. While the victory in Assam is decisive, the twin factors that made it possible need to be kept in mind: the Congress' dismal state and the BJP's tactics of divisive politics. Is the first going to be permanent? How safe will be the second in the long run?

The party needs to remember, too, that it scored zero in Tamil Nadu, zero in Pondicherry, an inconsequential three in Bengal and one in Kerala. That solitary win in Kerala is a breakthrough, but locals will say that it was acceptance, finally, of the well-liked gentlemanly O.Rajagopal rather than of the BJP; the party's past and present Presidents were again defeated. The party will also note, no doubt, that it drove significant sections of the minorities, including Muslims, into the Left camp — a factor that is politically important in a State where the minorities constitute nearly half the population.

The Left, for its part, faces a crisis not different from what confronts the Congress: Inability to change with the...more

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