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  July 28, 2014
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UoM celebrates Foundation Day

Caption: T.V. Mohandas Pai, Chairperson of Manipal Global Education Services, Bangalore, is seen lighting the lamp to inaugurate the Foundation Day celebration of the University of Mysore at the Crawford Hall in city this morning as VC Prof. K.S. Rangappa and Registrar Prof. C. Basavaraju look on.

Mysore, July 28- “The fundamental idea of a University is the propagation of knowledge and man’s inexorable urge to better himself and guide us in years to come. There is much we learn in University, but there a lot more than we can learn from them,” opined T.V. Mohandas Pai, Chairperson, Manipal Global Education Services, Bangalore, here today.

He was delivering the Foundation Day lecture on ‘The Idea of a University’ organised by University of Mysore as part of its Foundation Day celebration at Crawford Hall in City.

Stating that India needs to debate the idea of a University once again, Pai said that there are great ...more

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I have a natural inclination towards matters spiritual so also the spirit of life! I love Mammon as much as I love God, no matter what the holy books say. Renunciation of the Mammon (money-material things) may be for the Monks, Sanyasins, Sanyasinis, Priests and Nuns. They have to renounce their hearth and home to pursue the path of divine quest undisturbed by the temptations of the material world.

It is not so for me. I seek pleasures of both the worlds — this (of which I am 100% sure) and the other (of which I am not sure, yet willing to explore). I refuse to get into the snarl of Maya, illusion. If I cannot accept the testimony of my five sensory organs believing it to be Maya, what else is there in this world to believe? No wonder, this enigma was resolved by Osho Rajneesh by calling his followers neo-Sanyasins and neo-Sanyasinis, ending up creating a neo-religion!

However, in Hinduism, four basic tenets, values, are considered an imperative for a grihasta, householder, to attain Moksa, liberation. Liberation from the cycle of birth and death. Not to be confused with enlightenment, Nirvana. They are: Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksa — morality, wealth, sensual pleasures and liberation, respectively. A sanyasin is the one who renounces the first three values and focuses on Moksa, liberation with unswerving attention, simultaneously meditating to attain enlightenment in this life under a Guru sometimes. Here in both the cases — the householder and the sanyasi — the goal is either liberation or enlightenment or both, which are self-centred for one’s own self. The social service of different kinds for the poor, neglected and those in difficulties are no concern of these grihastas or sanyasins. And herein is the difference between the sanyasins (monks) of Ramakrishna Ashram and of other Ashrams. Service to mankind and spiritual fulfilment to self seems to be the credo for mo

nks of R.K. Ashram.

Be that as it may, this prologue is to explain why I ch...more

     Feature Article  

Caption: S. Aishwarya is seen presenting a Karnatak classical vocal recital at Ganabharathi in city recently.

By Dr. Rama V Bennur

Ganabharathi of Mysore had arranged a music concert in memory of Masti Venkatesha Iyengar on the 19th of July at its Veene Seshanna Bhavana in Kuvempunagar. Masti, who was fondly referred to as an asset to Kannada literature (Masti-Kannadadaasthi) was also an ardent fan of Karnatak classical music. An epitome of Indian culture and a connoisseur, he had enjoyed the music of many stalwarts. His grandson Ramabhadra Iyengar had sponsored this music programme by the great grand- daughter of M.S. Subbalakshmi, S. Aishwarya.

The packed hall was a symbol of respect to MS and Masti.Young Aishwarya is a teenager, who is yet to achieve the capacity to bear the burden of the lineage of great MS and Radha Vishwanathan. She has learnt from MS and Radha and is currently being groomed by Vid. Jambu Kannan. Aishwarya is also pursuing Hindustani vocal and Veena. She has a good manodharma and a sound layajnana.

Anuthama Murali (violin), Akshay Anand (mridanga) and S. Manjunath (ghata) accompanied her. The listeners were enthralled to hear the same Shloka on Dakshinsmurthy which MS used to sing as an opener.This was followed by a Varna in Bhairavi ‘Viriboni’ in two speeds and also tisranade. ‘Vachamagocharamemanasa’ (kaikavashi), a composition of Tyagaraja was neatly presented. The alapanas she sang (Bilahari and and Todi) were impressive but could have been more elaborate including the main raga Todi. Hence, the concert was packed with many kruthis like ‘Sri Chamundeshwari’ (Bilahari-Mysore Vasudevacharya), ‘Sada Saranganayane’ (Ranjani-Yoga Narasimham), ‘Ninnenamminanu’ (Todi-Shyama Shastri), ‘Srirangapuravihara’ (Brindavanasaranga-Muthuswami Dixitar), ‘Shiva Shiva Shivabho’ (Nadanamakriya-Jayachamaraja Wadiyar) and a number of tukdas. ‘Krishna nee beganebaro’, ‘Baro Rangabaro Krishna’, ‘Ninnanepaduve’ (ugabhoga), ‘Baso more n...more

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