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  July 24, 2014
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 KRS Dam Level
 Max:  124.80  Ft
 Level:  107.40  Ft
 Inflow:  30,129  Cusecs
 Outflow:  6,745  Cusecs
 Last Year
 Level:  124.08  Ft
 Inflow:    Cusecs
 Outflow:    Cusecs



Caption: A huge procession comprising members of ODP and students of Mahajana College is seen marching towards the Deputy Commissionerís office this morning to protest against the rising incidents of atrocities on women and children in the State.

Mysore, July 24- Wearing black arm and head bands and carrying placards with messages against the continuing cases of rapes and atrocities on women in the State, more than 1,500 members of the Organisation for the Development of People (ODP), Bannimantap, today took out a mammoth silent procession from Kote Anjaneyaswamy Temple to the DC Office. ODP was formed in 1984 with a vision of ĎA society of love, peace and justice.í

Members of ODP also took out similar processions in Mandya, Mysore, Kodagu, Chamarajanagar and Kollegal today.

The procession, which started from Kote Anjaneyaswamy Temple passed through Clock Tower, Devaraja Urs Road to reach the Deputy Commissionerís Office where a memorandum was presented. The memo...more

     Special Coverage   
   Cheluvamba Hospital to get 25 CCTV cameras
   Dasara jumbo Vijaya delivers female calf
   CCB Police nab two-wheeler lifter, chain-snatcher
   Extortion at tourist spots, 14 cases booked
   ĎMedical facilities at an affordable price need of the hourí
   Lucky escape for three in Tanker-Car collision
   Palace leaks: Are the authorities blind?
   Dasara: District administration to set-up disaster management committee
   Two-day Tribal Fest in Mysore from August 8


If Kannada in High Court alongside English, why not on shop signboards and hoardings?

The State Cabinet on Wednesday last decided to make Kannada as a language in the High Court proceedings, along with English. With Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra and Odisha already taking steps to use their respective official State languages in High Court proceedings, a Cabinet meeting, presided by Chief Minister Siddharamaiah decided to make Kannada as a language in Karnataka High Court proceedings. A case of better late than never.

This Cabinet decision has to be forwarded to President Pranab Mukherjee through the Governor of the State to get the Constitutional validity. The Lower Courts in the State, however, have been issuing judgements in Kannada in majority of cases.

At present, High Court proceedings are conducted in English. Judgements are being issued in English because it is the official language of the High Court as determined by the Constitution. But small wonder why Karnataka took so long to take this very important decision and that too after other States like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra and Odisha took steps in this regard. This despite there being so many vedikes, senas and organisations often seen fighting for the cause of Kannada language through demonstrations before offices, procession on the streets and slogan-shouting before Ministers apart from blackening and disfiguring advertisements and shop sign-boards even though written both in English and Kannada. All for love for Kannada, forgetting the advertisers and shop-keepers have paid a fortune to have those hoardings and shop sign-boards.

The same kind of amnesia appeared to be their problem in the late realisation for securing the status of a classical language to Kannada after Tamilians got it for their language Tamil. Why, even to make Mysore State into Karnataka State it took a long time, after Madras State became Tamil Nadu. Thanks to former Chief Minister D. Devaraj Urs. <...more

     Feature Article  

By N.K.A. Ballal, Retd. Sr. Vice-President, ITDC

Retirement, a dreaded word, specially for men. Surprisingly, women handle it much better than men. They effortlessly merge into their daily house chores and in fact are very happy because they donít have to juggle between their office and home on a daily basis. One of the primary reasons why people are scared of retirement is that they have so many unfinished commitments which they have not been able to complete. I was very lucky that I married very early in my life; hence before my retirement at 58, I had got my daughters married and even became a grandfather.

But I know lots of my colleagues who had this problem of having children not settled and daughters not married and the retirement suddenly hits them with a bang. It is alright for a government servant since they are protected by the pension as well as their medical schemes which would normally take care of their bread and butter and their old age-related sickness. But for scores of other people working in private firms in small jobs, the sudden withdrawal of the monthly salary spells big trouble.

Apart from this, many a men and women have no hobbies or interest apart from their work and they just do not know how to spend their time meaningfully. Frankly, many a wives dread retirement of their husbands because of the increase of work load of managing their husbands also. And the constant demand of tea or coffee.

What then is the solution for this retirement blues ? Planning. I personally feel that one should start planning for retirement at least 2 years in advance. One should have a plan for financial safety net and also have contingency plans for the unexpected which happens more than often because of the age-related diseases. One should also make up oneís mind as to the kind of work one wants to do after retirement. And the most important thing is to shed oneís ego. Post retired, a man is like a second hand car, ...more

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