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  November 22, 2014
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Aspirants wait with fingers crossed

Bengaluru, Nov. 22- Reports emerging from New Delhi that AICC Vice-President Rahul Gandhi had given his nod to Chief Minister Siddharamaiah and KPCC President Dr. G. Parameshwar to go ahead and nominate Chairmen to 85 State-run Boards and Corporations, has forced aspirants to wait with their fingers crossed.

Considering the privileges to be enjoyed by those succeeding to get nominated to head these bodies, the anxiety of aspirants is understandable. It may be recalled that the Karnataka government. has refrained from nominating party workers to Boards and Corporations despite hectic lobbying by aspirants even after 18 months of the Congress government. coming to power in the State.

The bonanza Chairman is entitled to:

A full-fledged office.

A Govt. bungalow or a house rent of Rs. 60,000 per month.

A four-wheeler.

Two personal assistants.

500 litres of Petrol or Diesel per month.

Refreshment allowance of R...more

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In a democracy, people’s representatives alone are accountable for a city’s or country’s corruption, crime and doom or its boom and glory. Our city’s fate too depends on them.’

Last August I had written in this column about KDP meeting titled “KDP meeting is meaningless: Revamp or scrap it.” No matter the Chief Minister Siddharamaiah conducts it or the respective District in-Charge Ministers, the result at the end of half-day’s or one-day’s exercise invariably has been zero.

Many years ago when one P.N. Srinivasachari was the Deputy Commissioner (DC) I was invited for this kind of a meeting in the DC’s office. So many officers from different government departments were present and were asked to introduce themselves. One officer introduced himself as, if I remember, Range Forest Officer (RFO). Immediately, the DC asked about the non-implementation of chain-link fencing around Chamundi Hill under the Norwegian-aid programme saying that the aid money of a few crores would be lost if work is not completed in scheduled time.

The Forest Officer’s response was typical of any officer in such meetings — whether at ZP or MCC or KDP. The RFO said, ‘Sir, I came here just a month back. I do not know about this project.’ The DC was livid with anger and cast a quick look at me and said, ‘Why do you come for this meeting then? I had called the Head of the District Forest Office for this meeting, not his Assistant.’ Same is the story about many other departments under the DC. The same was the scenario at KDP meetings, only the Ministers do not notice this bureaucratic charade and shadow play.

Therefore, the fate of the KDP meeting held on 5th August 2014 chaired by Chief Minister Siddharamaiah was no different. Mysuru ZP has 64 departments under its jurisdiction. With so many officials present, how will the Chief Minister review each department’s performance?

Be that as it may, I am now reflecting upon another such review meeting of the Mysuru City C...more

     Feature Article  

By Prof. A.V. Narasimha Murthy, former Head, Department of Ancient History & Archaeology, University of Mysore

Caption: The bust of Sahukar Channaiah at Kusti Akhada in city.

Recently Dr. Rama Bennur telephoned to me and asked me if I had not met Sahukar Channaiah and why I have not written about him in my column. Rama Bennur is a columnist in her own right and writes about music and dance programmes in Star of Mysore and her comments are valued by the artistes and the general readers. Thus she has carved a niche for herself in the cultural life of Mysore city. Hence I thought of paying homage to a king-maker and builder of Mysore Congress a few decades ago. I had the good fortune of seeing him when I was a student.

My classmate in PG Indology at Maharaja’s College was S.V.S. Bhattachar. He was a Congressman and always wore khadi. He was an active member of the Congress and knew Channaiah, A.G. Ramachandra Rao, Bhashyam and others. At that time, the Congress had organised a one-day Conference of Congress workers in Mysore and it was held at Vasavi Nilaya, the most fashionable and expensive marriage hall in those days (next to Rajkamal talkies). Incidentally, my marriage also took place in this marriage hall more than half-a-century ago. Many of my friends envied me then.

Coming back to the Congress meeting at this place, my friend Bhattachar introduced me to Channaiah and told him that I could be taken as a volunteer as I could talk to the delegates in English and Kannada and receive them and take them to their seats. Channaiah asked ‘is he reliable and can he be trusted.’ My friend Bhattachar said ‘hundred percent.’ Thus I was inducted as a volunteer. Channaiah added, ‘let him have breakfast, lunch and tea here itself.’ I was very happy. I stood at the entrance, received the delegates and took them to their seats. The meeting was held till about the evening and Channaiah complimented me for my role as a volunteer and told me that I ...more

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