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  October 23, 2014
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Family from Bangalore loses valuables worth Rs. 9 lakh

Mysore, Oct. 23- Even as the memory of our city Police cracking a robbery case at a hotel on Hunsur Road where valuables worth lakhs of rupees were stolen remains fresh, a case of miscreants breaking into a room at a Hotel on Kothwal Ramaiah Street in the heart of the city in broad daylight and making away with valuables worth about Rs. 9 lakh yesterday morning has been reported.

It is learnt that Leelavathi, wife of Narasimha, a resident on Hesaraghatta Road, Bangalore, who came to the city with her relatives on Oct. 20, had checked into room 203 at Jayachandra Lodge on Kothwal Ramaiah Street.

The tourists, who visited the Palace and St. Philomena’s Church on Oct. 21, had stayed overnight.

The group which had plans to visit Nanjangud yesterday, packed one gold chain, four necklaces, one pair of earrings weighing about 300 grams and a cash of Rs. 5,000 in a kerchief and placed it in a bag at the room and ...more

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   Residents, beneficiaries allege irregularities in allotment of houses to slum-dwellers
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   International Students’ Day at St. Philos


Kailash Satyarthi who? For all the din of applause, the name Satyarthi was not the original name. It was a pen name used in the newspaper articles he wrote about bonded-labour and later child labour. And it stuck.

A lucky name indeed. Like some in our country change the spelling of their names to be lucky after savouring failures. Like for example Jayalalitha, Tamil Nadu CM, becoming Jayalalithaa or B.S. Yediyurappa becoming Yeddyurappa.

Kailash Satyarthi came on the international arena like the one who came in from the cold. Well, it is puzzling to be told that the very purpose of bestowing Nobel Peace Prize is to introduce to the world the one who has been doing humanitarian work quietly, working for peace in the world. No wonder till the time Kailash Satyarthi got the Nobel, no one knew who he was.

It is also to be noted that in India, where his work on child labour under his NGO Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA) was carried on, hardly anyone knew of his name and also his work on child labour. Even in the Central or State governments very few knew. And those Ministers and bureaucrats who knew of his work were not too pleased with him either. Not surprisingly he did not get any of the Padma awards or any other awards from the government. Reason: He was into the agenda of the Western countries through the noble cause of fighting child labour in various industries, specially carpet manufacturing and weaving.

The West got alerted during 1990 to India’s liberalised economy and its great export potential. Carpet export itself earned foreign exchange worth $2000 crore and the West wanted to curb this humongous amounts of money going to India.

Naturally, West was looking for ‘humanitarian’ ways and means to impose restriction on exports from India, as also other developing countries. Thus they chose to use social and environmental causes in the Trade Agreements coming under GATT or WTO. Child labour was one such issue and the West got the right persons...more

     Feature Article  

Koi lauta de mere beethe hue din is an old Kishore Kumar classic hit. It is said that there is a child in every man or woman and everyone wants to recall the childhood memories some time or the other. Of course, the memories should be pleasant. Many a persons have unpleasant childhood and would not want to revisit these.

My memories of childhood at Mysore is quite hazy but one distinct memory I have is of my strict grandfather, whom I don’t recollect having ever smiled and secondly the scramble we cousins used to have in sitting next to him during a meal. All cousins including me had a wish to eat in his silver thali and this wish of course, never materialised. We had to be satisfied eating in our steel thali, even in his absence. But what I distinctly remember of my childhood is the leisure time I had to play.

One looks at the way the modern children trudge back to their home, in the evening, itself is an indication of the troubled times we are in. Bent backs, weary, the children are made to struggle with kilos of books day in and day out. Yes, it is a fact that the modern child definitely is more brainy than we were in that age. What I studied in the 11th class is being taught at the 5th class nowadays. It is said that the size and weight of the brain is increasing, generation by generation and the present lot of children are definitely more smart than we were at that age. But what is missing in the present times is the time for leisure. We also had home work but it was limited to just one hour of study.

Nowadays, the children are burdened with so much home work, one has to see it to believe it. I have a girl in my neighbourhood and I see the poor child working till 9 pm struggling to finish her home work. The end result is that she has no leisure time to play and if by chance she decides to relax, it is done by playing some games on the computer or tablet. It is a fact that most of the present day children have become addicted to thes...more

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