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  September 19, 2014
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Mysore, Sept.19- Three days after the tragic incident at the Kote Maramma Temple, which killed two women and injured some, Pramoda Devi Wadiyar, wife of Scion of the Mysore Royal Family late Srikanta Datta Narasimharaja Wadiyar, offered puja at Kote Maramma Temple adjoining the Amba Vilas Palace this morning.

Palace Chief Priest Srihari Dikshit conducted the puja rituals which included Panchagavya puja and Samprokshane.

Speaking to press persons after performing puja, Pramoda Devi Wadiyar termed the incident of Peepal Tree falling on Kote Maramma Temple as unfortunate. The incident, just a few days ahead of Dasara festivities had pained her.

A large crowd gathered at the spot upon learning of Pramoda Devi Wadiyar’s arrival at the temple. Meanwhile, today being a Friday, a large number of devotees offered Tender Coconut, Milk, Butter Milk and other offerings to the deity.

When asked whether the temple would be rebuilt Pramoda Devi said she will take measures for t...more

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     Feature Article  

Over a cup of tea

By Dr. K. Javeed Nayeem

Some things touch people’s heart strings in a very strange way and the reason for this is not very easily understood or explained. My last week’s article about HMT watches seems to have stirred people’s sense of nostalgia far beyond my expectations. This is evident by the spate of responses I have been getting over the whole of the week. The emotional impact of the closure of HMT’s watch division on people’s minds can be gauged by the many letters that have appeared in Star of Mysore too ever since the news was published last Friday. But some sad stories too can have happy endings as you will see.

Last evening as I was seeing off the last of my patients for the day, I found a familiar figure walking into my consulting room with a smile. It was Baba Sab, my former neighbour of many years who had sold his house a couple of years ago and moved out to another locality. After exchanging pleasantries for a few moments he complimented me on my writing and said that he was particularly touched by my article on HMT watches. He then removed the wrist watch he was wearing and placed it on my table and said, “This is a watch about which y ou have made a mention in your last article and I have one with me.”

The piece that lay before me was a West End Sowar Prima, an automatic mechanical watch with a black dial and Eastern Arabic numerals. (Incidentally, and perhaps a little interestingly, Arabic numerals are the numerals we use while writing in English while Eastern Arabic numerals are the ones in the actual Arabic script as seen in the picture). I told him that I had indeed mentioned it by name in my article and I knew all about it because my father and grandfather and all my uncles had always worn West End watches. It was a sort of a family tradition and in the good old days, a good watch only meant a West End.

He then surprised me by saying, “I have been wearing it for some years and now I want you to...more

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