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  April 15, 2014
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Caption: BJP candidate for Mysore-Kodagu Lok Sabha constituency Pratap Simha, flanked by former Minister S.A. Ramdas and MLC Jaggesh, during a road show in city this morning.

Mysore, Apr. 15- Public campaigning by political parties and independent candidates at all the 28 Lok Sabha constituencies across the State will come to a close by 6 pm today. Elections will be held on Apr. 17 from 7 am to 6 pm.

The Election Commission has issued strict instructions to end public campaigning 48 hours prior to the end of elections. Accordingly, all those in fray will have to end their public meetings, road shows, rallies, etc.

The auditing of the election expenses of all the candidates was held at the DC’s office here this morning in the presence of the candidates in fray.

In Mysore-Kodagu Lok Sabha constituency, incumbent MP A.H. Vishwanath of Congress, Pratap Simha of BJP, Justice Chandrashekharaiah of JD(S), M.V. Padmamma of Aam ...more

     Special Coverage   
   Mistaken identity triggers high drama at Cheluvamba Hospital
   Dalits and Muslims are permanent vote banks of Congress: C.M. Ibrahim
   ‘False cases against Muslim youth to be withdrawn’
   Mysore artist G.L.N. Simha’s works at Museum of Sacred Art in Brussels
   No selfies in polling booths
   New team for ISHRAE installed
   Prof. CDN Memorial Day held at Dhvanyaloka
   Bishop asks Christian community to vote compulsorily


Rahul the heir to the dynasty

“If hereafter things go wrong, we will have nobody to blame except ourselves. Not to lay their liberties at the feet of even a great man or to trust him with powers which enable him to subvert their institution. Bhakti in religion may be a road to the salvation of the soul, but in politics Bhakti or heroworship is a sure road to degradation, and to eventual dictatorship.”

—Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, January 26, 1950

Politically speaking day after tomorrow, Thursday the 17th of April 2014, you will make your choice about your ruler, hopefully, for the next five years. It could also be till the time the new government lasts. Don’t we remember what happened after the 1977 Parliamentary election or when BJP’s Vajpayee heading NDA had to quit after 13 months in office in 1999? While the voters in different States have the choice of candidates belonging to regional parties to choose from, the three major National players are Congress, BJP and the new entrant AAP playing the role of a joker in the pack.

As for the communists, they are already cornered and marginalised. I wish communists were there in UPA-2 to act as a watchdog and to rein in the UPA-2 from its waywardness in administration and indulgence in open corruption. Sadly BJP as Opposition, probably, winked at the UPA-2 maladministration and corruption hoping to capitalise on it during this election!

The failure on the part of the regional political parties to take the country towards political polarisation, thereby political stability, by aligning either with Congress to become part of the UPA-3 or with the NDA-3 (taking into account Vajpayee’s 13-month rule) does not portend well for the country’s unity and democracy. It is in this context, the educated citizens, at least, should think deep and independently in making their choice as voters.

The illiterates, bonded-voters from the vote banks of political parties and those who have sold their v...more

     Feature Article  

By Phalgunn Maharishi

Marakke naanu hedralla buddhi! Ave nange hedrathve” (I am not afraid of trees Sir! But they are afraid of me), is what one would frequently hear from Ravi, a young lad of 27 years, who comes all the way from Kalanhundi village of Chamarajnagar district to Mysore every day early in the morning and work in the city plucking tender coconuts from trees, gardening, washing vehicles, cleaning homes and also driving cars when needed.

Truly, a multi-faceted personality is what best describes Ravi who is popularly known among his regular customers as “Theng Ravi” (Coconut Ravi). He climbs nearly 80 trees every day to pluck tender coconuts. He has a long list of regular customers in Mysore and some in Bangalore too who wait for him to get tender coconuts plucked from their trees.

While speaking about when and how he entered into the profession, Ravi said, “I was in my 7th grade when I had come out of the exam hall with a blank answer sheet making a firm decision of quitting my studies. My parents then started forcing me to learn something to lead my life and hence, I learnt what my father was doing.” Yes! Ravi’s father was in the same profession; plucking tender coconuts and selling them. But Ravi is for sure a hand more than his father!

Ravi started climbing trees when he was just 15 years. He cannot read and write, yet his style of picking the phone and talking with his customers in Kannada with some English words added here and there, fixing appointments, working on first come-first serve basis and finally postponing some of his works for a day or two due to insufficient time, surely makes our lower jaws go lower! A person hailing from a village without education managing his profession so neatly in cities like Mysore and Bangalore is something really applaudable.

But that’s not it for Ravi. From his hard earned money through his profession, Ravi has recently joined hands with his friend and started agriculture in a five...more

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