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  August 27, 2015
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Echo of Rajasthan hc order

Mysuru, Aug. 27- Over 2,000 members of Jain community comprising all the four sub-sects — Sthanakvasi, Moortipujak, Terapanth and Digambar Jain Samaj — took out a huge rally in the city here today to protest against the Aug. 10 ruling of the Rajasthan High Court that Sallekhana or Santhara, a religious practice of Jains, is illegal and a punishable offence.

The agitating members said that the order had deeply hurt the religious sentiments of the entire Jain community and it should be reconsidered. They noted that the Sallekhana could not be termed as an act of suicide nor it can be construed as ‘death by willingness.’ Sallekhana was a vow which was accepted by mendicants or householders according to their own wish as per the strength of the body and in tune with religious scriptures. It was a practice that was being followed since time immemorial.

Leaders of Jain community stated that as per Article 25 of the Constitu...more

     Special Coverage   
   Site Panel inspects proposed IIT land near city
   Intl. Symposium on ‘Advances in Power Distribution Engineering’
   Three women, two children among six killed
   Complaints pour in during MP’s visit to ESI hospital
   Farmer Associations call for State bandh on Sept. 5
   Minister lays foundation stone for road from Bannimantap Industrial Layout to Ring Road
   Fr. Antony Kariyil is new Bishop of Mandya Diocese
   Yuvaraja College students seek amenities
   Drought-hit taluks in the State could surpass 150 mark, says Sreenivasa Prasad


Newspapers recognise that there exist readers who read only headlines for want of either time or interest or both and write headlines accordingly to suit the newspaper’s ideology or idea of Truth.

These are the days of pow-pow among newspapers in India, may be all over the world and we find POWs among the journalists who want to write a report or edit a copy taking sides — call it interpretative report based on the same source as with other newspapers. Like our oracles interpret laws written in our statute books from the Judge’s throne of wisdom.

In short, the newspaper is partisan. It wants to write a tendentious report or even a canard to please its master at the political level or business level (Ad business can’t be ignored by any newspaper). That’s when money speaks more forcefully than the ethics of a newspaper.

I have been a working journalist for too long with responsibility to my readers and also to my advertisers because I am also an editor and an owner of my newspapers, unlike a salesman who, generally sells and runs. He has no stake in such conduct and surprisingly even such conduct is justified under the precept that it is due to the professional compulsion. Hence, though immoral, it is well tempered with an excuse calling it ‘amoral.’ Like giving bribe is explained away sometimes. But for a newspaper owner (and also for a truthful person) credibility of what is printed is of utmost importance. Which is why, The New York Times has some good advice to its journalists — Print and be damned and one for themselves — We print only what is worth printing.

Among the very few genuine, authentic, copy-book, conformists, even conservative journalists surviving happily amidst us today is T.J.S. George. I am sure serious english newspaper readers, specially of The Indian Express (new or old) will not ask T.J.S. George who? He also appears every week in Star of Mysore. Yet, I must identify him here to satisfy my ‘ego.’

He is,...more

     Feature Article  

Stating that Squirrels do not make good pets, Maneka, in this week’s Pet Talk, explains her readers how a Squirrel should be handled.

By Maneka Gandhi

My cow hasn’t been eating well for the last two weeks and there is a drop in milk production as well. Her udders are swollen and red as well. What should I do?

Mastitis or inflammation of the mammary gland is the most common disease of dairy cattle throughout the world. The person milking the cattle has not cleaned his hands, or been rough in milking her or has not cleaned her teats properly afterwards. Although stress and physical injuries may cause inflammation of the gland, infection by invading bacteria or other microorganisms (fungi, yeasts and possibly viruses) is the primary cause of mastitis. Infections begin when microorganisms penetrate the teat canal and multiply in the mammary gland. In severe cases of acute, clinical mastitis — in many instances caused by E. coli infections — the cow may appear very ill indeed. In contrast, subclinical mastitis can result in few symptoms and may only be detectable in a higher than normal Somatic Cell Count.

Most of the indicative symptoms, such as the swelling, heat, redness and the milk abnormalities are a result of an immune response in the cow, the changes in milk constituents in particular caused by infection-fighting white blood cells attempting to eliminate the infective organisms, which may further be responsible for producing toxins which damage the milk-producing glands within the udder, and can be responsible for permanent udder damage in some cases.

In some instances the cow’s immune response is sufficient to efficiently generate a self-cure for the illness, usually in mild cases of the disease where the cow is strong and has a good immune response. The effective drugs are sulphonamides, penicillin and streptomycin.

My pet parakeet has a crusty substance around its beak. What is this?

The most common reason for this condit...more

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