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  April 23, 2014
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Caption: Prof. S.G. Dhande (centre), former Director of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and other committee members during the meeting in city this morning. [Pic. by Pragathi Gopalakrishna]

Mysore, Apr. 23- A nine-member Committee of the Union Ministry of Petroleum held a meeting in city this morning to review the implementation of the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme for cooking gas consumers, linked to Aadhaar card numbers. The meeting was held at Fortune JP Palace hotel in Nazarbad.

The Committee, headed by Prof. S.G. Dhande, former Director of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, comprised Neeraj Mittal, Joint Secretary of Petroleum Ministry; Alok Tripathi, Director (LPG), Ministry of Petroleum; Y.K. Gawly, former Director of HPCL and Jha, IOC (LPG) former Director.

Meetings were held in separate sessions with LPG distributors, representatives of oil companies, consumers, bank officials and others to discuss about the p...more

     Special Coverage   
   Display Cards in autos mandatory
   Verdict after 21 years !
   City devotees of Udupi Sri Krishna Mutt discuss about caste discrimination
   Cop guarding Strong Room complains of chest pain, hospitalised
   A day of traditional and tribal dance
   Expo of film posters to mark Dr. Rajkumar’s birth anniversary
   Police arrest 25 farmers protesting in Kodagu against power line
   Mysorean shares his horrifying experience aboard Flight MH-102
   City remembers William Shakespeare on his 450th birthday


Rahul the heir to the dynasty

“If hereafter things go wrong, we will have nobody to blame except ourselves. Not to lay their liberties at the feet of even a great man or to trust him with powers which enable him to subvert their institution. Bhakti in religion may be a road to the salvation of the soul, but in politics Bhakti or heroworship is a sure road to degradation, and to eventual dictatorship.”

—Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, January 26, 1950

Politically speaking day after tomorrow, Thursday the 17th of April 2014, you will make your choice about your ruler, hopefully, for the next five years. It could also be till the time the new government lasts. Don’t we remember what happened after the 1977 Parliamentary election or when BJP’s Vajpayee heading NDA had to quit after 13 months in office in 1999? While the voters in different States have the choice of candidates belonging to regional parties to choose from, the three major National players are Congress, BJP and the new entrant AAP playing the role of a joker in the pack.

As for the communists, they are already cornered and marginalised. I wish communists were there in UPA-2 to act as a watchdog and to rein in the UPA-2 from its waywardness in administration and indulgence in open corruption. Sadly BJP as Opposition, probably, winked at the UPA-2 maladministration and corruption hoping to capitalise on it during this election!

The failure on the part of the regional political parties to take the country towards political polarisation, thereby political stability, by aligning either with Congress to become part of the UPA-3 or with the NDA-3 (taking into account Vajpayee’s 13-month rule) does not portend well for the country’s unity and democracy. It is in this context, the educated citizens, at least, should think deep and independently in making their choice as voters.

The illiterates, bonded-voters from the vote banks of political parties and those who have sold their v...more

     Feature Article  

Areas under Ward-14

North: From Ramakrishnanagar 'G' Block storm water drain passing through Vivekanandanagar 5th main road to the junction of Srirampura road. From Srirampura road junction to Vivekananda Circle junction. From the junction of Vivekananda Circle passing through Adichunchanagiri road to Mahadeshwara Temple. from there up to Chikkaharadanahalli Bedarakannappa Temple.

East: From Chikkaharadanahalli Bedarakannappa Temple junction passing through the parallel road of the Railway Bridge till the Toll Gate on Mandavadi Road junction.

South: From the Railway Bridge till the Toll Gate on Mandawadi Road junction till the storm water drain on Devaiahnahundi storm water drain. From the storm water drain on Devaiahnahundi Storm water drain till the junction of High Tension road. From the junction of High Tension road passing through Srirampura 2nd stage, 1st Cross and SBM Colony road up to Lingambudi Lake and the point of MCC limits.

West: From Lingambudi Lake and the point of MCC limits upto Ramakrishnanagar 'G' Block storm water drain.

By S. Kenneth Shishir

Ward 14 consists of areas Aravindanagar, parts of Ramakrishnanagar, SBM Colony and Madhuvana Layout.

Most of the roads in the Ward need to be asphalted, clogged drainages have to be cleaned and clearing of weeds and overgrown bushes in empty sites have to be taken up.

Nanjundaswamy, a resident of SBM Colony and a retired employee of Revenue Dept. said that most of the roads in the Ward are filled with pot holes making it difficult for motorists. He also said that there are problems with underground drainage system as it gets blocked quite often.

Mahesh, a businessman and a resident of Aravindanagar said that most of the sites in the Ward were empty and filled with weeds and overgrown bushes making it a haven for reptiles and other poisonous insects. He also said that the Circle in front of Shiva temple has to be completed quickly as it is lying in the sa...more

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