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  October 28, 2016
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Drinking water emergency haunts Mysuru City

Mandya, Oct. 28- Here is some bad news for Mysureans. Cauvery water storage level at the Krishnaraja Sagar Dam (KRS) will hit the dead storage level on Sunday, Oct. 30. Dead storage level means that water from the dam cannot flow out but has to be lifted. The dead storage level is 74 ft.

If at all water is required to fulfil the drinking water needs of Mysuru and Bengaluru, water has to be pumped. “Water from the dead storage level will be impure and will contain sand particles. It will have to be pumped to the purifying stations and then supplied, an engineer manning the KRS Dam told Star of Mysore this morning.

Water level at the dam stood at 78.30 ft against the maximum of 124.80 ft this morning and there is an average outflow of 6,378 cusecs as Karnataka is following the Supreme Court verdict of releasing 2,000 cusecs of water from the dam to Tamil Nadu every day till its further orders.

On Oct. 1...more

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   Maneka Gandhi at Suttur Mutt
   GST is more positive in nature, says KASSIA President
   135 Civil Police Personnel pass out
   A new attraction in Mandya... : Ramya's sprawling bungalow
   Mysuru Zoo, Ranganathittu on guard for bird flu
   Police armed with Tablets for speedy response


Hillary reminds the nursery story “Milk Maid’s Dream!”

Since November 8, 2016, is only a few days away, let us talk about that day which is going to be historic not only for America but also for the world, especially to the Arab world.

Officially the Democratic nominee for the Presidential election is the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton but, as one newspaper headlined, it seems Obama himself is contesting for a Third Term in Office! The headline read “Obama Announces Plans for a Third Term Presidential Run.”

We know that the American Constitution forbids an individual from contesting for a third term in Office. However, the newspaper headline was merely mocking, ridiculing and making fun of Barack Obama, who is passionately canvassing for Hillary Clinton.

Let us remember in 2008 Presidential election, she was Obama’s bęte noire, strong Democratic contender for nomination and lost. May be, to appease the Democratic supporters of Hillary and her husband Bill Clinton whom Obama succeeded in Office, appointed Hillary as the Secretary of State. A consolation office! As we know she was rather reluctant to accept the Office as she was aiming for the Presidency in the future (as is proved now). However, she quit when Obama contested for the second term in Office.

She spent her time refurbishing Clinton Foundation, feathering her political nest, writing books and working for the November 8, 2016 election. Hillary, though a professional politician making only politically correct statements (unlike her rival from the Republican Party Donald Trump), in the beginning thought it was going to be a cake-walk for her to the White House once she gets Democratic nomination.

Poor Hillary, though now she got the nomination, she finds her journey to White House a desperate one. As hard as that of the Syrian migrants to Europe, h...more

     Feature Article  

By Dr. K. Javeed Nayeem

When we talk of Karnataka, our multi-faceted State, I had always thought that being a very well travelled person, especially with photography as a hobby, I had seen and photographed the best of what our State has to show. But this very smug feeling left me the moment I set my eyes on a recently published book called ‘Facets of Karnataka; A pictorial Journey’ by Keshav Vitla. Hailing from the tiny village of Vitla in Dakshina Kannada, which is not even a speck on most maps, he has come a very long way.

Yes, although I looked for it this morning before beginning to write this article, I could not find his village in any of the half-a-dozen or so dog-eared and road-weary road atlases I have in my travel bag although I did find a mention of just the Vitla Road Railway Station in one of them.

Now, for those interested in a bit of mythology, Vitla was supposed to be the abode of the demon Bakasura we read about in the epic Mahabaratha. Bhima the strongest of the five Pandava brothers kills the demon Bakasura after a great and heroic battle. Incidentally, ‘The Slaying of Bakasura’ was a very interesting lesson in my PUC English textbook and Rev. Fr. Devaraj, our dear departed English teacher was dealing with it superbly, contributing a great deal to the drama with his own abundant talent in histrionics until the wind in his sails was taken away for good by a most frightening cracker blast set off at the back of the classroom by one of my own classmates!

Now coming back to the present era, fifty-four-year-old Keshav started his life like most achievers from very humble beginnings. As a lad he used to go from house to house selling vegetables from a bamboo basket before joining a photo studio in his village as an apprentice and errand boy. This exposed him to photography in which he soon developed a very keen and abiding interest and he moved over to another studio in Mangalor...more

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