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  November 29, 2015
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Mysuru, Nov. 29- The more than 360-year-old monolith of Nandi, located mid-way on Mysuru-Chamundi Hill Road, was today, bathed in more than 30 items like milk, honey, curds, kumkum, ghee, dry fruits, tender coconut, sandal, turmeric, rice flour, etc., as devotees performed ‘Mahabhishekha’ to it.

It may be recalled that the event is being jointly organised annually by the members of ‘Bettada Balaga’ (a group of regular morning walkers to the hill) and ‘Srikshethra Chamundi Bettada Sri Nandiya Puja Mahotsava Samiti’ since 2006.

Legend has it that performing the ritual on third Sunday of Kartikamasa of the Hindu calendar enhances the life of the stone statue. It is also said that the practice of performing Mahasbhishekha to the monolith existed during the reigns of Wadiyars.

Prior to the Mahabhishekha, the statue was cleaned with water before a group of over a dozen priests conducted the abhishekha, which was witnessed by thousands of devotees ...more

     Special Coverage   
   Medical profession has now become commercial: Dr. S.L. Bhyrappa
   KDA Chairman calls upon parents to let children study in Kannada medium
   Hinkal villagers pledge to save centuries old ‘Kalyani’
   Nischitha Ramakrishna passes away
   Traffic Cops turn teachers
   Trek to Chamundi Hill marks World Disability Day
   CIIL celebrates Constitution Day
   “Wireless technology vital in healthcare industry”
   Youth booked for abducting minor girl


Caption: Justice Kurian Joseph

When for the first time Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was conceived by a Supreme Court Judge and the case was heard, it was a big news. However, many did not think it would become embedded in our legal and judicial system as we see it today. If injustice is perceived in administration that would harm the interest of the public, a good Samaritan or an NGO could go to the Court seeking justice.

Of course, it was not well taken by the authorities, the government. The PIL was branded as a new kind of judicial activism usurping upon the government’s powers and duties. In such an atmosphere of unease caused by jibes from politicians and bureaucrats at PIL and judicial activism, it was Justice Kurian Joseph of the Supreme Court, like other Judges earlier, who had the gumption to assert that it was the “solemn” duty of a Judge to curb “legislative adventurism and executive excesses.”

Justice Kurian Joseph further said that in Public Interest it is the duty of the Judge to make up for the lapses on the part of the executive. He was delivering the 5th Lala Amarchand Sood Memorial Lecture in Shimla recently. He has rightly rung the bell of warning to the people of this country about the increasing excesses of the executive while extolling the role of the Supreme Court in pioneering PILs to curb such excesses.

Justice Kurian Joseph said the PIL enabled Judges to make issues like housing, education, food and health “constitutional social rights” of citizens that are “indivisible from the fundamental rights of a citizen to life, equality and religion.”

But what is the remedy when the government commits excesses and lapses like it happened in Karnataka by officially observing Tipu Jayanti, a controversial King who lived in the 18th century? And we are living in the 21st century, to remind Chief Minister Siddharamaiah. What could be the intention of the Government to celebrate Tipu Jayanti? Karnataka Congress governme...more

     Feature Article  

By Vikram Muthanna

Considering the ferocity of the backlash, one would think Aamir Khan has packed his bags and is off to a tolerant nation…I was wondering which country could Aamir immigrate to, if he really wanted to? A country where he will be accepted 100%?

Could he go to Pakistan as suggested by numerous “Hyper-Nationalists?” Nah, because as stated in my favourite Aamir Khan movie Sarfarosh, when ACP Rathod’s (Aamir Khan) wife Seema (Sonali Bendre) asks Naseeruddin Shah, who plays the role of a famous “Indian-born” Pakistani artiste Gulfam Hassan, “Jab Hindustan mein ap ke ethne chahane wale hai tho Pakistan mein kya hal hota hoga” (You are so famous in India, I can only imagine how much more famous you are in Pakistan), Hassan replies “Chahane wale bahut hai Seemaji, lekin hal hai ke, aaj be hame Muhajir kehake pukara jatha hai” (There are many who like me but the situation is that I am still called a Muhajir) and adds, “Pachas saal guzar gaye, lekin aaj be hum Muhajir hai, Pakistani nahi” (It’s been 50 years but even today we remain Muhajirs, not Pakistanis). Ok, so Pakistan is out of question then.

Then how about England? Well, the truth is Aamir may have a “Khan” problem. Here is a true story. Last year, in England, my uncle and aunt were standing in line for a taxi. They were third in line. A taxi pulled up and the driver was a middle-aged man with brown skin and a longish beard. The British “gentleman” in an attempt to mask his racism, or fear, who knows, extended his arm as if being chivalrous enough to let the lady behind him take the taxi. The lady suddenly started looking at her phone and stepped aside, indicating my uncle to go ahead. My uncle was a bit confused, but before he could react the poor taxi driver left.

Soon another taxi came by. The driver was white and beard-free. The British “gentleman” quickly hopped in and disappeared. Yes, Islam-phobia has set in and so “tolerance” is an issue there. So that too won’t...more

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